Tiny Dirty Houses – Video for Valentine’s Day!

Filmed on location at The Parkwood Diner, Maplewood, NJ and The Bakery, Orange, NJ, with additional footage of the South Orange/Maplewood area.

Camera work by Julian Brüggemann and Iwona Witiw, editing by Julian Brüggemann, actors: Whitney Covert Swain and Lee Swain.

Starring Dollar Store Riot:

Thea Kearney – Ld.Vocals/Guitar
Paul J. Haley – Guitar/Vocals
John Ramsburg – Bass/Vocals
Will Kramer – Drums

Brian Boehm – Bass Guitar on Prerecorded audio track

Audio Recorded at Laughing Boy Recording by Tom Lucas
Mastered at APS Mastering by Alex Saltz

Dollar Store Riot Films Video for “Tiny Dirty Houses”

Dollar Store Riot had a blast shooting the video for “Tiny Dirty Houses’ this past weekend. A big thanks to Pete and the rest of the Parkwood Diner staff staying long after closing hours on Saturday evening to make this event even possible, Our friends in Tri-State (Jeff, Julian BrashMason RatherBrady McNamara) for use of the “Tri-Space” studio and equipment the following day, Julian Brüggemann and Iwona Witiw , the video production team, for the awesome script and amazing shoot, our friends and local “pretty couple” Whitney Covert Swain and Lee Swain for playing the main acting roles beautifully, and for our friends and honored members of the Maplewood Armchair Philosopher Club (Pete Tierney(and Aliza Mendel), Hani Christian Zaccarelli,) for stopping by and hanging out! Video out soon! xo

New Singles Out Now!

First two singles off of the forthcoming E.P. “Tiny Dirty Houses.”

released November 7, 2016

Produced by Dollar Store Riot and Tom Lucas
Recorded at Laughing Boy Recording by Tom Lucas
Mastered at APS Mastering by Alex Saltz

Paul J. Haley – Guitar & Backing Vocals
Thea Kearney – Guitar & Vocals
Will Kramer – Drums
Brian Boehm – Bass

Organ on “Tiny Dirty Houses” by Tom Lucas
Additional Backing Vocals on “What’s It To You?” by Tom Lucas
Lead Guitar on “Tiny Dirty Houses” by Thea Kearney

Cover design and photo by Dollar Store Riot
Band Photos by Tracy Sham @ Tracy Sham Photography