DSR Returns With New Releases On SLK Records…..


In October 2020, SLK Records have began sifting through the Dollar Store Riot vaults to find “diamond in the rough recordings” that deserve to see the light of day and and boy did the find some treasures…demos…live cuts…and will be releasing them in various formats moving forward…..


After 3 years since the “Tiny Dirty Houses” EP hit the streets, the “Yeah….Maybe So,” demo, recorded way back in 2012 at MacroSound Studios (RIP) in Union, NJ, is finally released in 2020.

Listen/Download: Spotify. Bandcamp.



Also released in 2020, a riveting demo version of “Party Crashing Swingers”, recorded as part of the “Giant Swede” sessions with our dear friend and recording maestro Anders Fransson in his South Orange, NJ garage studio some time back in 2014.

Listen/Download: Spotify. Bandcamp.

Stay Tuned! More to come from SLK Records!

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